What The Heck Is Bottleneck!?

What The Heck Is Bottleneck!?

Paul @ NeoComputers on 8th Aug 2020

So you're in the market for a new graphics card, you've got the cash to spend, and your old GTX 670 has seen better days. Your friend recently got a new PC with a 2070 Super 8GB graphics card and it looks amazing in games. So you decide to spend your cash on a 2070 graphics card and start up that new game your GTX 670 couldn't run.

But hang on something isn't right here, the game is slow and choppy....What on earth is going on? Your friend suggests turning down the graphics settings that should help right? Well in this instance no, it is going to actually make things worse and that is down to bottlenecking.

So what is it then?

Bottlenecking is where one component in your system is working harder than the other. Normally this will be between the Processor and the Graphics Card but can also be attributed to Hard Drive and Memory. The worst form of bottlenecking is a CPU bottleneck, this is where your Processor will be working 100% and your system is unable to processes more information and will consistently soft lock or freeze.

What can I do?

Firstly depending on the severity of the bottleneck you may be able reduce the stress on to the Processor. This will require you to do something that is completely the opposite to what seems logical....You need to turn the graphics settings and resolution...UP! That's right turn the graphics settings and resolution up higher. What that does is makes the Graphics Card work harder and the Processor work less.

If you are experiencing a bad bottleneck to the point of choppy and slow gameplay doing the above most likely will only alleviate the problem slightly and you will still experience issues.

So what now?

The ideal solution would be to upgrade your Processor along with the Graphics Card. Depending on the age of your system this may also require you to upgrade your Motherboard and Memory too! We generally recommend upgrading your systems when they are between 3-5 years old depending on your needs. We have customers that haven't upgraded their main components in over 6 years and don't plan on upgrading due to the fact their system is still able to do the work they task it with.

In todays world we have companies releasing upgrades for their technology on a yearly basis and it makes no financial sense to upgrade your system or device every year along with these releases. As mentioned before to start to see a benefit from an upgrade we recommend waiting at least 3 years.